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Papageno makes magic with the elderly, Paws-a-tively!!

Papageno LOVES to go to an Alzheimer nursing home. He and Gabby work together volunteering to make a difference. Papageno sits on the residents' laps, wags his fluffy, curly tail and gives kisses. Together they make their own very special kind of magic. Gabby has special needs. She uses a wheelchair and has faced many challenges. Papageno came into her life and gave her the inspiration to create something wonderful. 

Available for $14.99 (US) per copy with bulk discounts available.

Puppies on Wheels will make a great addition to any school, a teacher or organization's library, your child's bookshelf, a new baby gift or your own personal collection.  It's a true story and a great teaching tool for children (ages 3-7) on many levels. It teaches children about dementia and Alzheimer's disease, helping them understand about their grandparents' loss of memory. The book also teaches children to learn from an early age about people with various disabilities. Just click on our contact page and send us an email with your info and we'll get back to you about ordering and shipping details.



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